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I was born in Ethiopia. I was adopted into the United States at the age of six years old. I became homeless at the end of sixth grade. I began couch surfing at the age of thirteen. I was mainly alone.I’ve been able to keep my grades up while moving around to four different schools. I’ve always liked going to school and have been able to keep regular attendance in the schools I have attended. When I started being homeless it was difficult for me being alone most of the time. I had to make my own decisions and support myself in order to survive.

I never gave up on my education. I wanted to get good grades and stay out of trouble. I know how important it is to get good grades and pass my classes so I can continue my education by going to college. Scholarships are my only to pay for college because I have been on my own. I currently have a 3.3 GPA and will be working towards my transfer degree in criminal justice at Green River Community College. I want go on to earn my bachelor’s degree at a four year university. I’m proud of staying in school and not dropping out when things were really hard for me. Staying out of trouble has been easy because I don`t get tempted by others to do bad things. I’m usually the one that tries to make sure we don`t get in trouble.

Sports have also encouraged me to stay in school and keep my grades up. Some of the sports I participated are Football, Basketball, and Track. Without sports I don`t think my grades would be as good as they are now. If there were not any sports in school l probably wouldn’t have made it through high school. Being exposed to high school sports has helped me develop myself as an athlete and leader. Sports have also exposed me to various roles that will allow me to succeed further in college.

Zekarias Chantry